Roofing Insurance Claims Process

roofing insurance claims process

Roof Replacement Insurance Claim Process

We have all at some time or another had to claim from the insurance and as most of us know it can be a nightmare. To often we are left in the dark about the in’s & out’s of claiming from insurance to replace your roof. We outlined the process for you so you know exactly how it works.

Step 1) Lodge your roofing insurance claim

The first step is to lodge your claim. This can be done over the phone or online. Make sure you have all the relevant information handy such as your policy number, contact details and a description of what happened.

It usually helps to have a few photos to accompany your claim so “Click Here” to book your FREE inspection today.

We inspect for things like:

and many more!

Lodge your roofing insurance claim

Step 2) Your insurance company will investigate

Your insurance company will then investigate your claim. This will involve sending someone out to assess the damage and speaking to any witnesses. They may also request photos of the damage.

Having an FREE inspection done by us before hand may help you decide weather or not the claim is worth lodging.

Your insurance company will investigate

Step 3) They will decide if your claim is valid

Once the investigation is complete, they will decide if your claim is valid. If they decide it is not, they may reject it or ask you to provide more evidence. If they decide it is valid, they will then move onto the next step.

Often inspectors deny claims which aren’t properly compiled. Making sure you include as much evidence as you can in your initial claim will help the process along.

the insurance company will decide if your roof repair or replacment claim is valid

Step 4) They will work out how much your claim is worth

Once they have decided your claim is valid, they will work out how much it is worth. This will involve assessing the damage and determining how much it will cost to fix.

This is based on the following:

  • Weather or not the damage is repairable
  • How much the damage will cost to repair
  • What is needed to fix the damage

The insurance company will work out how much your roof damage or replacement claim is worth

Step 5) You will be paid what is owed to you

Once they have worked out how much your claim is worth, they will pay you what is owed to you. This may be in the form of a payment or a replacement roof. Make sure you read your policy carefully to see what is covered.

Once you’ve received your roofing insurance payout its time to choose a roofing company to help you handle the project.

The insurance company will pay your roof repair or replacement claim out

Choosing The Right Roofer

Our team are local, affordable & honest. We are ready to get your home roofed up & watertight in no time.

Much like any other insurance claim, when claiming for a new roof many homeowners become overwhelmed and do not know where to start. The best advice is to be organized and have all the necessary documentation ready. The Roof Replacement Insurance Claim Process we outlined above is a guideline of what to expect, but make sure you speak with your insurance company if you have any specific questions.