Inspecting Your Own Shingle Roof For Damage

Inspecting Your Own Shingle Roof For Damage

Do You Think Your Shingle Roof Is Damaged?

Often after a storm, strong winds, or hail you will find that the natural elements may have damaged your shingle roof. Making sure your roof hasn’t sustained any serious damage is key in preserving your roof & giving it a longer lifespan.

Here are 5 things you should keep in mind when inspecting your roof for damage:

1. Be Safe

When inspecting your roof, use a ladder and make sure to have a companion assist you. It’s critical to be cautious when on the roof since there is a greater chance of injury. Make sure you have a “spotter at the bottom of the ladder to stabilise it.

Also to note:

  • Wear rubber sole shoes for a better grip on your roof.
  • Take photos of the damage.
  • Avoid winding days for inspections.

2. Look for Missing Shingles

Check the roof closely for missing shingles. This is often an indication that damage has occurred. Places where shingles are missing may start to leak which could cause damage to your home & ceiling

2. Look for Missing Shingles when inspecting your roof

3. Look for Warped Shingles

Warped shingles are another sign of potential damage. If you see any, it’s best to call in a professional to take a closer look. If you aren’t sure what warped shingles look like you can “Click Here” to see some pictures.

3. Look for Warped Shingles when inspecting your roof

4. Look for Hail Damage

Many parts of America see hail storms more often than they’d like to. After a storm it is important to Inspect your roof closely for any hail damage. Hail can cause serious damage to roofs, so it’s important to catch it as soon as possible & to repair it before the damage gets worse.

Look for Hail Damage when inspecting your roof

The top 4 Hailstorm states in American history?

  • Texas – 508 major storms
  • Kansas – 493 major storms
  • Colorado – 332 major storms
  • Nebraska – 309 major storms

5. Check the Gutters

Make sure to check your gutters for damage. If there is any damage, it will need to be repaired in order to prevent water from seeping into your home. Damaged gutters may struggle to direct the flow of storm water off your roof properly resulting in leaks & damage to your property.

Check the Gutters when inspecting your roof for damage

In Conclusion

Inspecting your own roof might not always be an option as the incline might be to steep. various other factors may influence the inspection process so calling out a professional might be best. Luckily we do FREE roof inspections.

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