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Traditionally, putting a pen to paper has sealed the deal. Nowadays, an e-signature is not only valid — it's also quicker, more convenient and offers our customers the peace of mind knowing they are protected when contracting through DocuSign®

Paperwork is the name of the game in the roofing and construction industry. From signing contracts to permit applications to change orders, signatures are required to move forward with nearly every phase of the process.

DocuSign speeds up this process significantly saving our company but more importantly our customers time and money.

Signatures collected digitally via DocuSign meet the strictest security standards. Once an agreement is signed, it is lawful and admissible in court. DocuSign® will automatically generate and stores a robust audit trail for every agreement and comply with U.S. ESIGN Act and UETA

Given the convenience and ease, it’s no surprise that timelines for obtaining signatures can shrink from weeks to less than a day in many instances and allows us to get the roofing process started much sooner than most contractors.


When signing an agreement with Roof It Better with DocuSign®, you do not need a DocuSign® account, and documents can easily be accessed and signed on a mobile device or computer.